HI Now Sunrise, Check Out N Take Out

Giovanni's had been voted Hawaii's best first place winner from 2009 to 2020 and made Tripadvisors hall of fame for the last 6 years.


The shrimp were cooked in olive oil, fresh cut garlic and lemon butter

Giovanni's actually has two shrimp trucks; one in Haleiwa and the other in Kahuku. And in an Island littered with shrimp trucks I think I found the King - Giovanni's in...


The 25 Most Popular Food Trucks Of 2013

What you should get: Garlic shrimp, shrimp scampi, spicy shrimp… This is the Bubba of food trucks. Plus it’s Hawaiian so there’s RICE.


Tour of North Shore Shrimp Trucks - Giovanni's: Hawaii's Crustacean Fascination

First in a series. This is Giovanni's, the original shrimp truck. Enjoy! And what's your favorite North Shore shrimp truck and why? Do tell!...


Snapshots from Hawaii:
Garlic Shrimp

Oahu's North Shore is known for its big waves, but I went there for its big shrimp. After spending the morning frolicking in a Lost filming location, we found just what were looking for at the legendary Giovanni's White Shrimp Truck...


Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is
a Shrimp and Garlic Delight!

If you ever travelled to the North Shore, in addition to the great beaches and surf, you most likely heard about the great shrimp trucks! If not, then you're in for a treat...


This is a Hawaii forum:
It has some really good pictures

A good place to try local Hawaiian shrimp is at the Giovanni's Shrimp Truck located in Kahuku. They have three types of shrimp plates - the classic scampi (with garlic), lemon & butter shrimp, and hot & spicy...


Saveur Magazine Jan-Feb 2004

A close up of the shrimp truck. One of our customs is for visitors to sign the truck - just ask the person in the service window for a marker to borrow. As you can see, many have signed the truck...


Char's Chopsticks: Giovanni's Aloha Shrimp Truck

When it comes to Oahu's North Shore, two things come to mind...


North Shore, HI:
Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is a must if you happen to be in the North Shore of Oahu. You can spot...


Foods of Hawaii: Maui and Oahu

Hawaii (like so many other places in America) is so highly mythologized, its hard to know...


Special Feature: Adam's Pick

Adam Richman has been eating his way across America, and there are more than a few famous food spots that he thinks should be at the top of your list. Here's a taste...